An Inside Examination Of Speedy Methods In Online Fashion

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In the end, Gildan

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wound up the winner after raising its offer by $22 million. What next? What happens to the American Apparel brand

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remains to be seen. American Apparel can keep selling clothes in stores and online under a 100-day license, said Bell. The bigger prize is to fold the wholesale business into Gildans North American division to gain market share in fashion basics. Before the auction, American Apparel creditors urged Gildan to find a partner for the parts of the company it didnt want, including the stores. Since the November bankruptcy filing , American Apparel has been liquidating its least profitable locations, according to court records. More promising stores could still be taken over and run under the American Apparel name. We do think that marrying the parties is going to be the key here, Cathy Hershcopf, an attorney for creditors, said in court last month. Brand expansion Gildan has expanded into branded clothing and produces Under Armour Inc. (No.

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Depending on who you ask, online grocery sales this year will be 1-3% of industry sales. Compared to other product classes, its minuscule. So why arent more groceries sold online? One big problem: Perishables Consumers are understandably reluctant to have someone else pick out their fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and chicken. Anecdotally, you never hear a consumer talk about how an online grocery service picked out better products than they could do at the store. The best youll ever hear is that it was pretty good. You never hear better than that and

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you could hear worse. The other big problem: Price The profit margins in the business of selling groceries in stores is as thin as it gets. And online shoppers dont want to pay a premium. The problem is, when you go to the supermarket, you do the picking and then you bring it home yourself.

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